Give your friends a new outlook to places

There is one other feature that most people rarely get to use when looking for Snapchat followers that is your phone book.  These are not names on a phonebook data. These if used wisely can be your followers.  In essence what you need to realise is that Snapchat is suppose to be a very close nit media platform with those closest to you and around you.  Where do you get such people from, social gatherings, class room setting, family and friends?  Care to share contacts with those that you interact with on most occasions.  If you have any interesting caption do post these should be your first group.

Another yet and great way to increase Snapchat followers is through what you post.  If you like travelling and have a unique outlook to things share such events with others.  You will give them a different view and opinion of what they know or have heard about a place or a single individual.  Never underestimate your travelling postings they have a great impact on your followers and followers to be.  Post anything that you know is captivating.f1

Adding Back Your Snapchat Followers

On the Snapchat platform, adding of Snapchat followers is done by both parties before any meaningful engagements can take place. Even though you are seeking many followers, you can add them, but the numbers will only add value when the add you back to their friend’s list. It is, therefore, important to check your profile often if there are pending friends on your lists to be added. To see the pending lists, tap on the ghost button that appears on the Snapchat app screen. Your snapcode and profile will be displayed. Tap on the “Added Me” to show other Snapchat users who have in recent times added you on their end. If you consent them to be among your Snapchat followers, you can add them now. Just tap on the “Add” button located next to their username name and they will be added to your friends list now. It’s now evident that it is a give and take platform, and therefore you have to follow others to get followed too. It is only through that they will view your videos and snaps.

Get More Snapchat Followers Using The Snapchat URL.

With several ways to add and get many Snapchat followers, you may consider using a Snapchat URL because of its simplicity and ease. The pressure to memorize the username or get the phone number to add a follower is not here as you only need to create a link that will direct to your Snapchat profile. The URL link should contain your username at the end. Once your potential followers who have the Snapchat app installed in their phone click on the link, they are redirected to your profile page. They can proceed to the “Add Friend” button and tap on it to add you. You will be notified of their action and it’s now your turn to add them back as your Snapchat followers. You will be able to see their snaps and videos now as they view yours too.f2

The use of the Snapchat URL is ideal especially if you are looking for followers from other existing social media platforms. It is fast because they don’t have to log into their account to add you but just via the link.

Engaging Snapchat Followers Using The Face-swapping Feature.

The surest way to increase and engage your Snapchat followers is by sharing funny and simple content in the snaps and videos you post to them. There are various effects you can incorporate to take the fun to another level and keep the conversations going with your followers. If you have not used the face-swapping feature on your snaps, maybe it’s time to give it a try. The feature allows you to swap faces with someone in the same picture or with photos saved in your device. All you do is activate the lenses to get the face swap options by holding on a face in the camera frame. The lenses appear on the bottom screen. So, What are you waiting for, set the feature and rock!